A new standard of farming

Welcome to ChemAgro International Limited, a company registered and operational in Nairobi, Kenya since 2009, an industry leader on farm inputs.

Our principle business activity is the marketing of fertilisers and other agricultural inputs across East Africa. Additionally, we also offer consultancy and advisory services to a wide range of stakeholders in agriculture including farmers and government agencies.

Our partners at Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden) and Indagro SA, have provided us with full capacity and support to ensure that we meet our market needs. 

We offer the following types of fertilisers:



  • Di-Ammonium-Phosphate [DAP]

  • Mono-Ammonium-Phosphate [MAP]

  • Triple Super Phosphate [TSP]

  • Single Super Phosphate [SSP]



  • Muriate of Potash [MOP] (Standard/Granular)

  • Sulphate of Potash [SOP] (Standard/Granular/Water Soluble)



  • NPK's of various grades MOP or SOP based

Vision, Mission & Values


To be an internationally recognised fertiliser and agricultural farm inputs expert organisation and supplier across the African continent.


To meet the needs and requirements of our customers by supplying fertilisers and other agricultural farm inputs, provide related advisory and consultancy services to our customers and stakeholders in a manner resulting to success and decent return on investment.

Core values

  • Integrity &  ethical practices

  • Transparency & fair play

  • Customer focus

  • Environmental awareness