About us

The main focus of our business is the marketing of fertilisers and other farm inputs across East Africa representing a number of manufacturers from across the world by creating value in the supply chain and ensuring that their products are well known up to the end user level; large- and small-scale farmers.

We also ensure that we offer knowledge and best practices to sustainably improve crop yield, quality and profitability of the farmers across the regions where we operate and represent our manufacturers’ products. By increasing profitability of the farmer, through knowledge and high-quality products, our local teams work with distributors and other stakeholders to develop sustainable business models. 

Our Company

ChemAgro International Limited has been operating in the East African region since 2009 having been founded and managed by Mr Henry Ogola, currently, the Managing Director.

It is by design that we ensure that we grow with our customers and manufacturing partners by offering an end-to-end value proposition and strategy in delivery.


In order to deliver value for money in the supply chain, we develop and promote innovative fertiliser formulations for effective and efficient crop production. This can only be achieved by our consultative process with both the supply chain and end users in order to ensure that their specific needs and demands are met.


When it comes to handling of fertilisers, it is important to understand the safety and measures in line with our provisions of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and this is where bring together various information about fertiliser to highlight the issues that can affect the quality and safe use of fertilisers and to give best practice advice to people working with fertilisers in the supply chain and as end users. This is delivered under our advisory and consulting service to our internal and external stakeholders.

Environment & Sustainability

The environment is a critical component of our business and sustainability model and this has ensure that we are driven by the provision of the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) on safe use and application of manure or commercial fertilisers by our end users.