Products & Services

ChemAgro International Limited is a world reknowned fertiliser marketer and as such, these are our products and services that we offer to both the supply chain and end users.

In order to remain innovative and competitive in the market, we have been strategic on the type of partnerships hence the reason why we have Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden) as our manufacturing partner and Indagro SA as our trading partner. This has enabled us to supply all types of fertilisers per industry requirements e.g. DAP, CAN, UREA NPKS etc.

Logistical support

Our core values drive us to ensure that our customers i.e. the importers of the fertilisers have a seamless experience on the whole process, from purchase to importation and clearance of the cargo. Logistical support is a critical component of our services to our clients.

Other agricultural inputs

In order to ensure that we maintain our industry credibility as an internationally recognised world-class fertiliser, agro-input and supplier in Africa, we have ensured that we offer bespoke services to our clients based on their unique requirements and each enquiry and order is serviced independently.